Plantation Tours

Let yourself be transported in time and visit the Roças ... We suggest Roças Monte Café to 640 meters of altitude and where the National Coffee Museum is today. Roça Água Izé, which occupies 12km of the coast, was one of the largest with about of 80km2, of which 4,800 hectares were cultivated and 1,800 hectares built. Other Roças of reference are Roça Diogo Vaz in which the Hospital was considered the best of the whole island, Roça Agostinho Neto or Rio de Ouro as it was also known, is 10km north of the capital, is the one that is today in better state of conservation. You can also visit Roça Bombay and its beautiful gardens, Roça Boa Entrada, Roça Ponta Figo and Roça Porto Alegre.